Funen Art Academy Third Year Exhibition 


In the hall of Kunsthal ULYS, at Odense harbour, you will find the Third Year Exhibition of Funen Art Academy, which marks the end of the students’ undergraduate programme. The exhibition is a brilliant example of how multifarious and alive contemporary art is, serving as a preview of some of the movements and expressions of tomorrow.

The Third Year Exhibition is a mosaic of differences: a cross section that displays a wide variety of perspectives on art, methods, choices of materials and work processes merging collectively within the exhibition. In an unbridled polyphony, the exhibition offers the opportunity for dialogues among practises that are not necessarily connected such as morphing and generic computer game figures which find their way alongside micro-ecosystems of algae plants.

The Third Year Exhibition has been given the opportunity to reside temporarily in the hall of Kunsthal ULYS for the 13 students of the third year of Fune Art Academy to show their latest production.

Exhibiting artists: Nanna Katharina Jensen, Tao Sabella Hansen, Jonas Vang Hansen, David Haack Monberg, Allan Cruz, Laurits Bugge Larsen, Simon Fiil Linnemann, Magnus Fischer Vind, Jakob Nilsson, Jesper Nørbæk, Heidi Phoebe Nikolaisen, Ruaridh Phillips og Jack Kemp.